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2023 Plant Fueled Reset with Molly Patrick

About your coach

Molly Patrick is a certified life coach and the co-founder and CEO of Clean Food Dirty Girl, a company dedicated to helping people eat more plants while celebrating human imperfection. Molly has been featured in Glamour, One Green Planet, HuffPost, MindBodyGreen, and more.


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What this Reset is not about:

Juice or food fasting

Silver bullet solutions

Me telling you exactly what to eat




Specific meal plans

Unrealistic rules

Working out 900 hours a day

Calorie counting or weighing your food

All-or-nothing rules

What this Reset is about:

Nourishing your body and mind

Learning how to build a solid base of healthy habits so you can get through hard life stuff without falling into a long-ass tunnel of cheese, booze, and donut holes


Loving yourself

Challenging enough to feel damn proud of yourself, but not so overwhelming you don’t finish

Showing up messy and imperfect

Getting in tune with your body and resetting your hunger scale

What people say about Molly's coaching

Kris Dorsey
Kris Dorsey

"Thank you SO much for your energy and for sharing your wealth of knowledge. It really is life-changing, and I couldn't be more appreciative."

Melli Brianna
Melli Brianna

"OMG everyone, the coaching session tonight was exactly what I needed, and some of the most incredible and motivating advice."

Amanda Meuleners
Amanda Meuleners

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be proud of my accomplishments, no matter how small! It put me in a great mood!"

Karla Havlina
Karla Havlina

"Thank you SO MUCH for coaching me tonight! I feel like it is going to be life changing for me!"