Plant Fueled Reset by Clean Food Dirty Girl

“I’m sick of having the best intentions to eat a healthy plant based diet and then not following through. I’m in an unhealthy eating cycle."

Stop the spiral of unhealthy eating and get back to feeling energetic, healthy, and happy without the frustration of doing this on your own. 

Unhealthy eating spiral
Plant Fueled Reset by Clean Food Dirty Girl

“I’m sick of having the best intentions to eat a healthy plant based diet and not following through. I’m in an unhealthy eating cycle."

Unhealthy eating spiral

Stop the spiral of unhealthy eating and get back to feeling energetic, healthy, and happy without the frustration of doing this on your own. 

Want in on the next Reset?

We’ve all been there.

Sitting on the couch after another greasy takeout dinner because you couldn’t be bothered to do anything more. You feel defeated and unsatisfied as you go to the kitchen. You’re not hungry, but you want to put something in your mouth and CHEW. You settle for a few cookies and bring them back to the couch. As you’re on your third episode of The Great British Baking Show, you think about getting more cookies, and then you think: What am I doing?


You turn off the TV and vow that tomorrow is the day you will make a plan to get back to healthy eating.

You grab two more cookies before you pick up your phone to find recipe inspiration. After 2 hours down the Instagram rabbit hole, you have a plan (ish). 


The next day, you’re excited to start on your plan, but as the day goes on, you lose steam.

😟 Work is stressful
🧒 Your kids are being assholes.
😩 You feel tired and uncomfortable.

By late afternoon, you're fed up and in no mood to make your healthy plan. You grab takeout on the way home and nestle yourself on the couch as you flip on the TV and eat dinner, telling yourself that tomorrow will be different.


The next day, you find motivation to buy some kale, tofu, quinoa, and lentils.

Then a couple more weeks pass, and although you’ve thought about making something yummy and healthy, it just hasn’t happened. You throw out the slimy kale and expired tofu and make a plan to try again next week.

And the cycle continues until it’s been literally months since you cooked much of anything and you feel bloated, lethargic, cranky, and unhappy. 

Are you of the unhealthy eating cycle?


Imagine sitting down at your dining room table on a Friday evening and planning your healthy food for the following week. The next day, you go to the grocery store, infused with positivity because you know you're actually going to eat all the healthy groceries you’re buying. 


The next morning you wake up, put on some tunes and cook a bunch of healthy food for the week ahead. You go to bed feeling proud of yourself for spending time on something that will pay off later. You’re excited to eat all the yummy food you made! You delight in feeling prepared for the week instead of behind before it even starts. You go to sleep with a smile on your face. 


You go through your week with ease, not realizing how much stress you were putting on yourself by not planning. You don’t have to think about what you’re going to eat or if it’s going to be healthy because your past self took care of that. 


You don’t need convenience food anymore because you make your own, like a total badass! 


You feel energetic and motivated to make other healthy choices, like going for a walk instead of scrolling on your phone and doing something you’re passionate about instead of numbing yourself with TV. You go to bed every night loving how you feel and excited for the next day. 


You have found your plant flow and not only does it feel good, it looks damn good on you too! Your clothes fit better, your skin is glowing, you look happier, and you’re standing tall. 

is what it feels like to be alive!

Introducing the Plant Fueled Reset

I’m Molly Patrick, and I’ve taken my decades of experience helping people transform their lives with plants and designed a system to get you out of the unhealthy eating cycle and back to feeling refreshed, energetic, healthy, and fully alive


Runs January 3rd to February 10th, 2024 and costs $349 + optional VIP Coaching add on for $50

Plant Fueled Reset by Clean Food Dirty Girl

This live course will guide you from takeout and couch-ing to cooking and thriving.

  • Kitchen & palate refresh to kick off 2024 like the badass you are
    $199 value
  • Weekly menus so you’re not left wondering what to eat
    $99 value
  • Batching directions in each weekly menu to teach you how to batch like a plant based boss
    $60 value
  • Delicious plant based recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    $99 value
  • Live group cooking demos with Molly
    $400 value
  • Live group check-ins with Molly
    $400 value
  • Exclusive private Facebook community with people who get it
    $249 value
  • Unlimited access to all content through 2024
    $349 value
  • Unlimited email support from our awesome team
  • Optional VIP Coaching add on for just $50
    $1,250 value
  • Bonus: 4-week post-Reset live check-in with Molly
    $99 value

Here's the calendar

Plant Fueled Reset Calendar


Kris Dorsey
Kris Dorsey

"Thank you SO much for your energy and for sharing your wealth of knowledge. It really is life-changing, and I couldn't be more appreciative."

Melli Brianna
Melli Brianna

"OMG everyone, the coaching session tonight was exactly what I needed, and some of the most incredible and motivating advice."

Amanda Meuleners
Amanda Meuleners

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be proud of my accomplishments, no matter how small! It put me in a great mood!"

Karla Havlina
Karla Havlina

"Thank you SO MUCH for coaching me tonight! I feel like it is going to be life changing for me!"

Have we met?

I’m Molly, the co-founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl and a certified life coach.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people eat more plants while celebrating human imperfection.

I grew up in New Mexico on five acres of land. While my parents handbuilt their home out of mud, straw, and rocks, we lived in a teepee. We made do without electricity, plumbing, or hot water. Needless to say, I’ve never eaten meat in my life, and I have plenty of incense, herb bundles, singing bowls, and crystals in my (fully functional) house.

My rugged and unconventional upbringing made me innovative, appreciative, determined, and always humble. I’ve been alcohol and cigarette-free since June 14th, 2015.

I’ve had a front-row seat to the world of plant based eating for my entire career. I know it’s easy to stay in the unhealthy eating cycle, even with the best recipes and incredible intentions. Through my straightforward and loving approach, I’ll cut through the fluff and give you the tools you need to eat a healthy plant based diet and glow from the inside out.


Who is the Plant Fueled Reset for?


Fed-Up Fiona

The lady who has all the cookbooks, stacks of recipes, and the best intentions. But yet again, she’s face down in a pile of shredded cheese. She’s ready to reset and is fed up with feeling like ass. She is ready to go full-steam ahead in making this year different.

Vegan Val

The gal who already says no to animal products, but needs a helping hand in saying no to oil and processed food. Her heart is in the right place, but she feels like she should take care of her body with as much compassion as she has for animals.

Ready Renee

This Dirty girl has been somewhere between omni and plant based for the last few years but had a recent health scare and knows 2024 is her year to shape up. She already knows and loves Clean Food Dirty Girl and is excited to reset with fellow Dirties and take her plant fueled life to the next level!

Resetters get results

2023 Resetter
2023 Resetter

"Holidays had me eating crap, and I felt sluggish and heavy. After the Reset, I feel lighter, no more joint pain, and in control of my eating. This Reset changed not just how I eat but how I live my life."

2023 Resetter
2023 Resetter

"I had gained quite a bit of weight in the last year between a major depression episode, medication, and eating a lot of comfort food. I felt terrible about myself and awful in my own skin. I needed to make some big changes around how I feed my body. (And I did! I also lost 8lbs, which being 50 is not easy to do!)

Now, I feel healthy, strong, and more in control of my life and relationship with food. This is the first “diet” I didn’t go buck wild afterward."

2023 Resetter
2023 Resetter

"The biggest surprise was that when I filled up with plant based food, a lot of the cravings for the crappy stuff would not rear its ugly head!"